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tumblr ruined my life but made it better somehow

Fucking right…

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followers now & i love each and every one of yous(:

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damn :O

got high, took an adderall then went on tumblr. uh oh…  

well, i’d love to talk to some of my lovely followers if you’re up at this time. don’t be shy(: i love all my fellow tumblees<3


getting high and then getting lost on tumblr…


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Damn hormones,

Or maybe it’s a combination of more tumblr & my girl Mary Jane, but I’ve been so fcking horny lately :x

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30 years from now…

I’ll be able to look back at my tumblr & see the things that inspired me, seduced me & changed me. <3

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more followers from all over the world. my dash really slows down late at night & thats my prime time for tumbling.